Compound Money - Put Your Money to Work and Don"t Allow it to Retire

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When you want to get rich, there are many ways to accomplish you goal.
However, you must per persistent.
You will need to be focused, because the best way to grow wealth is to compound money.
And one great way to do that is by reinvesting it.
Many people make lots of money, but their common mistake is they think they are rich after the first deal, and they forget about the initial investment, they collect the profit and they think that's it.
They may start another project, but with the initial investment, they are off on an ocean cruise, or they purchase a new car.
While there is nothing wrong with getting things you want, you are not increasing your wealth.
If you want to be rich, you need to keep your money working.
When you recover your initial investment, you need to put that money into something with growth power, but little risk.
Usually an account with compound interest is the best.
Then start another project with your profit.
When this project sells, put the initial investment money into your original account with the compound interest, and use the profit to start your third project.
For instance, suppose that you have an initial investment of $15,000 dollars to spend.
You find a nice little boat that you purchase for $8,000 dollars and make $1,000 dollars worth of repairs; you have an initial investment of $9,000 dollars and $6,000 left of the monies available.
Then you sell the boat for $20,000 dollars you have your initial investment back to bank and you have a profit of $11,000 dollars to put into another project.
Start looking for new projects as soon as possible and do it all again.
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