Why Women Play Hard To Get - And You Should Too!

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As a man, you are probably used to having a woman play hard to get with you. This is one of those things that most men do NOT understand. After all, if a woman likes you and is attracted to YOU, then why would she play hard to get? Most men miss this subtle game and as a result, they miss out on a chance with a LOT of women. You have to understand why women play hard to get and why YOU should too!

So, what are the reasons?

1. She doesn't want to seem too EASY. Face it, we live in a world where a woman that seems to be too easy can quickly get a reputation. And we are not talking about a good one, either. So, many women will play hard to get just so they come off as not being the woman that is a little too easy. And it works! Think about how many times you have racked your brain over a woman that played hard to get with YOU.

2. She's used to guys running games and routines. Most attractive women have had the experience of having guys that think they are players or pick up artists try to run game on them. And as a result, they will put up a barrier to make sure that YOU are not that kind of guy. Women enjoy a man that is confident enough to approach them and charming enough to build attraction. They do NOT respond well to men that are just out to score.

3. She likes to be playful. For some women, the whole act of playing hard to get is FUN. They enjoy making you squirm and wonder what she is thinking. It's all part of the dance, the process of getting together.

Why should you play hard to get with a woman?

To show her that you are an in demand male and that you do NOT need to be with her. See, most men feel that they HAVE to be with an attractive woman. And this kind of attitude is a HUGE turnoff for most women. You NEED to be different to attract a woman.
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