The New HTC Sensation Features An Effective Dual-Core Processor For Optimum Performance

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The HTC Sensation has recently been announced, and mobile phone enthusiasts the world over are eager to get their hands on the increasingly popular manufacturer's latest flagship smartphone. The HTC Desire HD was the holder of this title until now.

The Sensation trumps the Desire HD in several respects. In this article we will discuss some of the differences you can expect to see from this Android powerhouse upon it's rerelease May.

Both the HTC Desire HD and HTC Sensation offer a number of similar specifications. For example, the same S-LCD capacitive touchscreen is featured on both models. The Sensation does however boast a larger resolution at a whopping 590x 960. Being 4.3 inches, both handsets therefore have similar dimensions. Whilst they may be a little bulky for some tastes, both are slimline, although the Sensation is slightly thinner at just 11.3mm, some 0.5mm less than the Desire HD.

The aesthetic appearance is similar between the two handsets initially; the front being dominated by the large screen, and the standard capacitive Android shortcut keys are located at the bottom of the screen, offering convenient shortcuts for navigating the user interface. When you look at the back of the phones, however, the HTC Sensation has been given a bit more attention with a stylish, curvy detail which sets it apart from the majority of the competition. Clearly, HTC believe that you don't have to sacrifice style for substance.

One of the main differences which is also one of the major selling points of the HTC Sensation is the processor. The HTC Desire HD boasts a lightning fast 1GHz processor, which seems to have become the industry standard over the last year or so. But now, with more and more handsets turning to dual-core processors, the manufacturer has equipped its latest offering with a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor to really take the phone's performance to the next level. This means that more powerful applications can be run, and multitasking can also be carried out more effectively, and in a more efficient manner in terms of power consumption. It will also benefit the user when it comes to web browsing; pages will load faster, and in conjunction with the handset's Flash compatibility, even the most graphic-rich web pages can be enjoyed to their full potential. Dual-core processors are still a relative newcomer to mobile phones, the first handset to have one being the LG Optimus 2X which was only released recently. With that in mind, it was only a matter of time before HTC were offering specs like this on their new smartphones.

Another similarity between the two phones is the camera. Both have an impressive 8 megapixel offering, with a dual-LED flash included. Also, both can shoot HD video. The Desire HD does this at a maximum resolution of 720p, however the Sensation is one of the few smartphones which can shoot full 1080p high definition footage. This will not make a difference to the majority of users, but for those who simply have to have the most up to date technology, this is a real treat.

The HTC Sensation also has the latest version of their highly regarded Sense UI installed. Convenience is the name of the game with this interface. With each update the manufacturer includes numerous innovative tweaks to make the user experience that little bit better. One of the major additions to version 3.0 which is found in the HTC Sensation is called Active LockScreen. This allows users to assign the apps and widgets of their choice, and these can be accessed even when the screen is locked. This is ideal for those who use an app regularly (for example to check emails or Facebook/Twitter updates) without the need to enter a PIN code to fully unlock the screen.

In my opinion, it seems that the HTC has come up with a winning formula with the Desire HD. The HTC Sensation simply builds on this by adding the latest advances in mobile technology for an even greater user experience. It will still be a long time before the Desire HD is anywhere near outdated, but for those who want the most up to date technology available, the HTC Sensation is sure to prove the ideal smartphone.
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