How to Drill a Gas Port in a Barrel

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  • 1). Slide the gas block (from the parts kit) onto the barrel. Use the hammer-and-drift punch to tap it into position.

  • 2). Reach into the gas-block passage with the scratch awl. Tap the handle of the awl to mark the barrel.

  • 3). Tap the gas block back off the barrel. Place the center punch on the scribed mark and strike it with the hammer to deepen the mark.

  • 4). Measure 1/4 inch up from the tip of the drill bit, and wrap tape around the bit to mark the drilling depth. Place the drill bit into the drill-press chuck. Tighten the chuck.

  • 5). Clamp the barrel into the drill-press vise so the mark on the barrel is under the drill bit. Tilt the drill-press table 45 degrees so the chamber end of the barrel is higher than the muzzle.

  • 6). Squirt cutting oil on the bit. Switch the drill press on and slowly advance the bit to drill a hole in the barrel on the mark. Stop when you reach the taped depth mark on the bit.

  • 7). Remove the barrel and clean it with the cleaning rod, bore brush and solvent.

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