John Thornhill Saved My Life!

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"John Thornhill saved my life!".......... a little melodramatic? Maybe, but true nevertheless, read on to find out how.

Not so very long ago I was where maybe you are now, having lost my job in the recession I was down, depressed, desperate and broke.

I'd been supplementing my day job income with eBay for some time so when I lost my job turning to the internet for a full time income seemed the natural thing to do.

Having lived the typical 9-5 corporate life for over 20 years I had no desire to find another similar job, no, I saw this situation as a chance to make a fresh start, I'd always wanted to be my own boss and work from home and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

I jumped in to this exciting new world determined to learn everything I could about earning money online, I bought and studied countless eBooks, I invested in lots of internet marketing products, I spent hundreds of hours researching every 'make money online' method I could find but several months later my enthusiasm was all but exhausted, the unpaid bills were beginning to pile up and I was flat broke.

Part of me was beginning to think that internet marketing was nothing more than a big scam, I'd tried dozens of systems and methods but hadn't made enough money to cover my costs. I was rapidly approaching the day when I would have to admit defeat and find another job.

It was then that I received an email from John Thornhill.

I'd followed John Thornhill for some time so I knew he was a straight forward operator who knew how to build a substantial online business, he was offering to take me by the hand and show me step by step how to build my own online business.

This sounded like the perfect solution, no more blindly buying product after product desperately searching for a winner, I would be shown by an expert how to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together.

My only problem was how to pay for John Thornhill's program, my savings were all but gone. I decided I would make this my final shot at online success and I maxed out my credit card. If this didn't work I would have no alternative but to swallow my pride, admit defeat and start looking for a new employer........

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