Things to Remember After an Accident

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    Call the Authorities

    • Call the police immediately after an accident occurs. When the authorities arrive, a police report will be filed. It will state information such as the cause of the accident, the victims' names and the accident's location. If you have no visible damage to your car, the police should still be informed of your accident. The other party involved may ask you to not call the authorities, but they should be contacted regardless.

    Take Pictures

    • Your version of the accident and its consequences may be different from that of the other individual involved, so you must take pictures. Keep a camera in your car at all times to document situations such as accidents. Many cellphones are equipped with cameras, so taking pictures with a cellphone may be just as effective. This will provide evidence in case legal action is necessary.

    Document Information

    • Although the authorities will compile information at the scene of the accident, you must document as much information as you can. Police may not arrive on scene immediately. The other party in the accident may not be cooperative, so take notes as quickly as possible. Do not discuss the accident with anyone other than the authorities and your insurance agent. If no one is badly injured, get the names of the driver and passengers. Record license plate numbers, car models and the insurance provider of the other driver.

    Contact Insurance Agent

    • Your insurance company may not seem to be important to you immediately after an accident, but you must report the claim as soon as possible. Contact your insurance company while the police are still around. If your phone was damaged during the accident, you can borrow one from the authorities.They can help you relay the situation if you are still in shock or injured from the accident. The information that you and the authorities gathered after the accident will allow the insurance company to do its job quicker and more efficiently.

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