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Who run the world? Girls! I could not agree more in one of Beyonce's hit upbeat songs entitled "Run the World". In fact, experts are concurring with the preposition because based on their studies, women are typically more exhausted than men. Of course, from running the world and all, who wouldn't be exhausted?
With that in mind, we must then be extra careful and mindful of what we eat and what we do so as to compensate with all the stress hurled in our midst. Here are some of the ways we can do to eliminate or at least reduce our stress baggage and have the adequate energy to battle another day or two.

1. Invest on Supplements
To compensate on the energies and nutrients you burn during a jam packed day, you must invest on some vitamins or any supplements that you can. Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Magnesium are the ones recommended for people who have busy and hectic schedules during the day.

2. Exercise
This will not intend you to be physically tired even more, but exercise can definitely help you to have a deeper sleep, thus acquiring a deeper rest every night. You have to religiously follow your regimens even if this means that you have to sacrifice browsing you favorite online mobile stores in order to hit the sack early.

3. Hydrate
According to a study, when you are about to undergo a painful situation, better rehydrate before getting in it because, dehydrated people are more sensitive to pain and stress. Start the day by gulping a glassful of room temperature water. Ice cold water is not good in the morning because your body is just heating its system up to work for another day; drinking cold water may delay this process.

4. Deep Breaths
Make time to go in a calm and peaceful area near your workplace to just breathe. While doing this, try to visualize yourself in happy scenarios that could produce the serotonin or what they call the happy hormones. A stressed out person is prone to foul moods; therefore, they could use as much happy hormones that they could get in their system to at least get out of their busy schedule in one piece.

5. Stay away from your gadgets for a while
Indeed, our latest gadgets are the most important tools we have in brawling in our daily tasks, but spending too much time in them can also burn a considerable amount of energy. Besides, stepping out of your work station for a couple minutes wouldn't actually hurt.

You can't just eliminate stress on a daily basis; it always will be part of your life. But, that doesn't mean you can let yourself be enslaved by it. With proper knowledge, you'll be able to get away the claws of stress in no time.
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