Ways To Take Care Of Your Ice Hockey Equipment

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When you play ice hockey, you'll be needing a large amount of equipment. It doesn't matter if you're a professional, a regular amateur, or just a hobbyist because you have to clean and maintain your equipment. Ice hockey equipment could be fairly costly and it could be an expensive mistake to neglect the appropriate precautions and take your gear for granted. You would want your equipment to last as long as it possibly can.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention advises that you need to wash your gear after every use and abide by the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer. Quite apart from the smell, the bacteria and dirt that builds up may cause serious infections. You can also purchase ozone machines which could clean your equipment of bacteria that could be tough to get rid of. Nonetheless, in case you find this expensive, even regular washing is a sufficient precaution.

You should always utilize skate guards for your hockey skates if you're not actually on the rink. You can get plenty of completely different types of skate guards in the market wherein some are made of plastic and others of rubber. If you continuously use these guards when you're not on the ice rink, the blades will not be damaged by contact with hard surfaces. Always remember that even brand new skates can get easily damaged most especially if you're walking on hard surfaces. You should also keep in mind that guards should be used solely when you are walking and not when the skates are not in use. If you leave the guards on when you're storing the skates, moisture could gather and cause the blades to rust.

Another wise precaution that you need to take is to examine your ice hockey stick for indications of cracks or other damage at periodic intervals. When necessary, renew the tape on the stick and have it waxed for effortless movement on the ice. When you're not using your stick, keep it safely in your bag after making certain that it's totally dry. Moisture might damage your stick when you store it when it is damp.

Several ice hockey players make the mistake of stuffing their protective gear and their outfits into their bags while they're still damp. If they continue to be in the bag when they're still wet, the consequence would be mildew that will damage your stuff apart from causing an unpleasant smell. Always unpack your gear bag once you get home after your game and spread out your clothes and your equipment to dry.
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