Ways to Increase Traffic for Free, Without Optimising Your Site

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The first thing to remember when trying to increase your website traffic is that it does not always start with bringing in new visitors.
If your website has some sort of traffic already, if you can persuade those visitors back on another day then you have succeeded.
Without having to find new visitors you can use your existing visitors to create a degree of increased traffic.
To do this, tricks such as making sure that your navigation is clean and crisp and that you link to further relevant content are vital.
Give your visitor somewhere to go once they have read what they arrived for and you could almost double your page hits, or traffic, over night! But, this is not only improving navigation, it is also about making it easy for visitors to return with easy to find RSS Feeds, newsletters and social bookmarking.
Which takes us onto increasing new traffic.
Once these visitors arrive, if they find the material up to date and useful, they might decide to share your work in social bookmarking and similar tricks.
This means that they are sharing your site with their contacts and that alone can create a lot of traffic.
In fact, if what you write is good enough and enough people share your posts on the busiest sites, you could be seeing more traffic than you can handle! After this it is then down to you to start generating more visitors.
There are the often quoted, old and reliable methods for doing this.
From submitting your best writing to article directories (choose those directories that exist for readers rather than providing Page Rank) and as guest posts, to commenting on other people's popular blogs to joining in with forums and letting people follow you to your site with links in your signature and your avatar.
If your subject matter is suitable, you can even create a video and upload it to YouTube and suitable sites.
Make is something eye-catching and maybe a bit of fun and people will then want to share the video with their friends.
This is yet another way of making your website promotion go viral! Lastly, you can always approach other website owners and ask them nicely if they will link to your site in a place that is obvious to their visitors.
If you can provide a reason for this, for example run a competition or a ratings section, then they will have a lot of reasons to want to send you some traffic.
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