Improve Your Marriage: Tips on How to Be Kind to Your Spouse

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Want to know the secret why your neighbor's 10 years of marriage seemed to be always brand new while yours of only 5 is already rotting? The key is simple and not what you think.
It's not the conversations or fantastic sex-though these may contribute to a lasting marriage as well.
The secret of happily married couples is that they learned how to be kind to each other.
Niceness, thoughtfulness, tenderness, gentleness, patience, mean the same thing: Kindness.
It is a very simple act of reaching out yet often underrated.
All couples have the capacity to be kind to each other but the happiest couples are those who do it effortlessly and consistently even on days that they cannot stand each other.
By practicing these simple tips on kindness, you will find that these too will work for you.
In an era of super-hectic lives, we can go for long periods without touching our spouses.
Yet sometimes, the kindness gesture to lighten up someone comes from just a simple touch.
Sandra Anne Taylor, the author of Secrets of Attraction: The Universal Laws of Love, Sex and Romance says, "When you touch, your bodies produce oxytocin which creates a feeling of serenity.
Physically and chemically, it bonds you and makes you feel closer.
" This explains why skin to skin sensation is so powerful.
Mind Your Manners.
The stuff you learned in kindergarten like saying "thank you", "please", and "I'm sorry" are often taken for granted once you start living with someone.
But saying "thank you" when he opens the door for you or "sorry" when you lost your temper is such an effortless way to show you respect each other.
Be Consistent.
Forget grand gesture.
Bringing your wife to the coziest restaurant in town once a month is good if you can afford.
How about cooking for her every weekend? It isn't only cheaper but she will appreciate more your effort to please her by doing something for her personally.
This will also allow her to get some rest from a week's exhausting role as homemaker.
Think little, personal and sweet.
Compliment Your Spouse.
Make a point not to keep nice thoughts about your spouse to yourself.
Even basic stuff like "Nice suit" can make someone's day.
A Rotary President was congratulated after giving a very moving speech.
Everyone did but his wife.
He later told a friend, "I was elated when other people praised me.
But the one person I was dying to hear from didn't say a thing.
" Why are compliments so important? We live in a very competitive world.
A reminder that we are good, smart or wonderful from the person whose opinion we value most may all we need to maintain self confidence.
Be Spontaneous.
We are talking here of surprise favors like filling her gas tank for her or offering to go with him to watch his favorite baseball team.
Of course, it's hard to do this if both of you are in desperate need of it.
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