Types of Security Safes for Your Home

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If you are looking into purchasing a security safe for your home you might be surprised at the options available. There are a variety of security safes ranging from ones that can be built into your home to freestanding. Before beginning your safe shopping excursion you should first consider what you plan to put in your safe. Are you looking to store documents, jewelry, cash, electronics or other items? Knowing what you will be storing in your safe will make your purchasing decision an easier one.

Safes are used for primarily two reasons. The first, to protect your items from theft and the second to protect your items from fire. You can get safes that offer protection from one or the other or both. You will need to decide, before shopping which type will suit your needs.

Another factor you will need to consider when choosing a safe is the type of locking mechanism. All types of safes come with a variety of locking choices. Cheaper safes use a key or combination lock while more expensive type safes are opened with electrical systems. Some use a number pad combination while more sophisticated ones come with a finger imprint identification system.

Different types of safes include:

  • Wall Safes. These safes are actually built into your wall and primarily provide protection from theft. They are generally narrow so that they can fit between the studs in your wall. They can easily be concealed by a wall painting, a bookshelf or by a built in sliding panel.

  • Floor Safes. These safes are also built into your home and are either cemented into your basement, for example, or built into your floor board. Like wall safes they are also narrow so that they can fit in between your floor boards. They are difficult for burglars to remove. They can be hidden under a carpet, piece of furniture or concealed within the floor with some handy carpentry work.

  • Free Standing Safe. Free standing safes are an option that just about anyone can afford. Most are fire resistant and a deterrent to burglars since they are usually bulky and heavy. They are a great option for smaller items and sensitive paperwork.

  • Diversion Safes. These safes are generally small and used to hide items from burglars. They are designed in such a way that most people would not give them a second glance. They are concealed as everyday objects such as books, soda or other panty item cans, household cleaners, candles and other items. They most often are used to store emergency cash.

  • Laptop Safes. A more recent type of safe is the laptop safe. Laptops are usually a quick and easy object for even the not so seasoned burglar to steel. These safes are often made to fit into a desk drawer or under one. They are designed to not look like they are safes. Other laptop safe designs, especially popular with college students, provide mechanisms to attach the safe to another piece of furniture. Hard drives and other small computer equipment like flash drives are often hidden in these safes.
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