How To Seduce Your Girlfriend Starting Tonight

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Why is it that some many guys have absolutely no idea what seduction is all about or how to go about seducing their girlfriend or wife? Let's put it this way, if you are begging or even having to ask your girlfriend or wife if she is feeling frisky or in the mood you're doing it wrong! If you think that a dinner out and a movie is going to earn you seduction points you are wrong. If you believe that flowers and gifts are somehow going to turn her on you are wrong. If you think that you need to start to work out so you can look buff you are again wrong in your thinking.

Yes, all of the above are great things to do for your wife or girlfriend but they aren't necessarily going to put her in the mood and shouldn't be considered as seduction techniques. So, what exactly can you do to seduce your girlfriend or wife? Well, here are some tips to get you on the right path and help you to stop doing even more damage than you already have.

Don't Beg - Begging, pleading or even negotiating with your partner for affection is just plain needy and it kills what respect your wife or girlfriend has for you already. There is a very good chance that at one point she enjoyed passionate romps with you on a regular basis but chances are that somewhere along the way things got boring or predictable or you stopped doing something that turned her on.

Your first step should be to stop begging or even bringing up the fact that you, as a man, have needs or whatever it is that you do to try to get your partner to become affectionate. This isn't putting her in the mood and it is the opposite of a is absolutely a turn off. If you ever hope to seduce her just completely forget about asking.

Kissing - When was the last time that you had an honest to goodness makeout session with your wife or girlfriend? When was the last time you spontaneously just kissed her out of the blue and looked at her in such a way that she could see in your eyes that you found her attractive? When was the last time that one kiss led to another and another and another until you were rolling around on the couch like a couple of lovesick teenagers?

If is has been a while since you made out with her perhaps it's time that you relived the early days of your relationship and spent some time "rounding the bases" instead of just trying to hit one out of the park on the first pitch. Women need this kind of attention and kissing does usually lead to other things you know.

Focus upon these two helpful tips and you very well might see a dramatic improvement in the amount and frequency of affection that you are receiving from your wife or girlfriend before too long. So stop begging for what you already have and start seducing her like you've never had her before.

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Good Luck!
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