Successful Weight Loss - Working Out is Only Half the Equation

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Does the P90X home workout system work? In short, the answer to that question is yes the P90X does work and can seriously transform your body in 90 days.
Accomplishing this in 90 days is not an easy task.
Over the course of 90 days I followed the advice below and experienced great results in doing so.
I lost 25 pounds and 4 inches off of my waist line! You will experience a degree of success with any workout regimen if you are dedicated to it.
People that work out and don't get the results that they want are usually missing any of the three following items: 1) Proper workout structure 2) Workout dedication 3) Diet Workout Structure: Most people do not know how to workout.
People that purchase a gym membership usually use the elliptical machine and possibly push a few weights a few days a week.
They will see only minimal results, if any from this approach.
If you have a gym membership and do not know how to work out, I suggest you purchase sessions with a personal trainer.
Personal trainers are available at most gyms and will design a specific plan for you that will maximize your results.
There is one huge barrier that comes with this solution: COST.
Using the Gold's Gym in my area as a reference, they charge $59.
99 a month for a general membership.
This entitles you to all the cardio and weight equipment.
Purchasing a personal trainer will cost an additional $30.
00 a session.
Each session is usually around an hour in length.
So right there with purchasing a gym membership and one training session your monthly workout expenses have already cost you nearly $90.
If you purchase one training session a week your cost has not jumped to $180.
OUCH!!! If you are a business person you are probably factoring in time too.
How much time is spent packing your bag each morning and night to get ready for the gym? How much time is spent traveling to and from the gym? Time is money and wasted time is wasted money.
If you're anything like me you do not have time in your life to waste.
Workout Dedication: Perhaps it is our culture or maybe our generation.
But despite which one it may be, people expect results immediately from whatever they are doing or become uninterested and lose their motivation to press on and finish what they started.
Before you begin your workout you need to have a clear attainable goal(s) in mind and you need to be %100 committed to achieving your goal(s).
You must let nothing come between you and your goal.
If you do let something come between you and your goal, excuses will take over and that will be the end.
You will have to change around your lifestyle to meet your goals.
If your present lifestyle has allowed you to become out-of-shape and unhappy with yourself you will have to change it to reach your goal.
I read somewhere that "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result each time you do it.
" Being %100 dedicated is not an easy road and there are plenty of speed bumps along the way.
Some of these speed bumps allow us to become distracted and lose sight of our goal.
Diet: (Workouts+Diet = Results) I am going to start this section off with a story and I would appreciate any feedback on it, good or bad.
My wife works with a "bigger" woman who was unhappy with her weight and wanted to lose a lot of it.
She went ahead a purchased a gym membership...
and began "working out".
Her workouts consisted of using a cardio machine for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week.
So when my wife was telling me this I was doing the math in my head "30 minutes of cardio a day, that's about 350 calories, five days a week.
She must be losing around 1600 calories a week which will be about 1 pound every two weeks.
When discussing possible workouts for losing a lot of weight, this isn't the best one but it beats what she was doing before hand which was nothing.
Anyways, so a few weeks go by and I ask my wife how her friend's weight loss is going and she responds with immediate laughter.
After regaining her breath she goes on to say that her friend is still working out each day but is expressing some dissatisfaction with her results.
Apparently she had not lost any weight.
Well if she hasn't missed a workout in a month and hasn't lost an ounce, there can be only one explanation; DIET.
I asked my wife about her diet and then she began to laugh again.
This friend of hers was eating McDonald's for breakfast each morning.
After hearing this my jaw hit the floor and I began laughing too.
Could someone be that ignorant/uneducated about losing weight? My wife went onto explain that she had brought up the McDonald's concern with her friend only to have her concerns brushed off with this rationale; "I have always ate McDonald's for breakfast, even before I started working out.
If I keep eating the same but work out, I should lose weight, right???" Theoretically her friend is correct but this applies to the "average diet" which does not include McDonalds.
McDonald's does not offer too much food that is healthy.
They do offer some healthy food, but not a lot of it.
After the movie "Super Size" me, McDonald's released a statement saying that "...
most of their food should not be eaten more than once a week".
It has taken me some time to understand this, but working out is only half of the equation.
The other half is dieting.
If you do not adhere to a diet while you are working out you are limiting your results.
Now when most people hear the word diet they get all freaked out and begin thinking of eating vegetables and tofu.
Get that idea out of your head and replace it with eating healthy.
Think about eating more fruits and vegetables and lean meat and taking out the "sweets".
Dieting is an important piece of the puzzle and is only as hard as you make it.
By not dieting you are limiting your results and pushing your goal farther and farther away.
I hope my wife's friend begins to understand this, but the smart money is on McDonald's.
Team Beachbody is a relatively new company that creates and distributes fully supported home workout programs.
By fully supported I mean that the workouts also come with a detailed diet plan that tells you exactly what to eat for each meal.
It factors in weight, age, gender, and activity level.
There are also support opportunities and Beachbody.
com This site works like Facebook.
It allows you to network with other people and share workout problems/solutions with them.
This past summer I used and completed the P90X workout system.
As you can see, I lost a fair amount of weight and toned up too.
If you are looking to only lose weight and would like to focus on your cardiovascular health I would recommend Beacbody's Insanity program.
These workouts are 40 minutes in length and push you to the brink of exhaustion.
With each workout I lose around 700-800 calories.
If you are looking to change your lifestyle and have a clear attainable goal than I recommend purchasing a Beachbody workout product.
When compared to a gym it will save you a lot of money.
These home workout systems come fully supported with a diet and pier support opportunities.
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