How to Detect File Encoding in PHP

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    • 1). Create a web form that allows you to submit a file for validation using Notepad or an HTML editor. The form needs to have a text field for you to enter the file name, a "Browse" button that allows you to select the file from your computer, and a "Submit" button. Modify the <form> tag in the HTML so that it points to a particular PHP file that validates the file upon submission. Save your HTML file.

    • 2). Create the PHP script to validate the file. Open up a new file on Notepad or your HTML editor, and create a script that stores the document into a string using the "file_get_contents" function in PHP. Validate it using the "mb_detect_encoding" function and display the character encoding by using the following code:

      echo mb_detect_encoding($str, "auto");

      Save your PHP file.

    • 3). Upload both your web form and your PHP file on your web server.

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