Is There a T-Coil in Cheap Hearing Aids?

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Perhaps you have heard other people you know talking about a T-coil in their device, so you are thinking that this might be something that you can benefit from.
Well, although it is an extremely beneficial feature to have, it is certainly not one that you will find in cheap hearing aids.
What is a T-coil? A telecoil, more commonly referred to as a T-coil is only found in the best hearing aids.
It is a very tiny coil made of wire that is placed inside of the device to serve as an effective antenna.
In most cases, this is a feature that needs to be turned on to activate as the user does not necessarily want the antenna used at all times.
Basically, when it is on, it shuts out background noise.
This is obviously a very desirable feature to have if you are in a busy café first thing in the morning or sitting at a baseball game with chatter all around you.
Is this a New Concept? Some people are under the impression that T-coils are not in cheap hearing aids because it is new technology.
There are some who assume that if they wait a few years, they will be present in all devices.
This is not the case.
The reason why T-coils are only in the best hearing aids is because it is an expensive feature to add, not because it is new, because it's not.
In fact, T-coils have been used in Europe for more than 50 years, especially Scandinavian countries.
Interestingly, the VA includes them in all aids that they give to veterans, yet much of the population is still not familiar with them.
It is estimated that of the millions of people wearing hearing aids in America, only about 30 percent are wearing one with a T-coil in it.
Where Will it Work? If you have considered one of the best hearing aids, but assume that no establishments near you will be properly wired for you to make use of your antenna, you are mistaken! You will be thrilled to learn that in the United States, all public places are supposed to offer hearing access.
Thanks to the American Disability Act, public rooms are supposed to provide infra-red or F.
One exception though is theaters.
Although you will find some that are ADA law-compliant, most are not because it is a huge expense in these environments.
This does not mean that this exception won't change in the future.
As people speak up and complain, more and more theaters are taking notice.
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