14-Year-Old Daughter with Low Self-Confidence, Should Mom Trust Her More?

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A mom on this post commented: "Hi, I appreciate your effort to support over teens changing attitudes and challenges to guide them. My daughter is 14+ and I am a working woman so I don't have enough time to follow her. I try to keep friendly relation with her so mostly remain flexible. But she has some inferiority complex remains quiet. But makes wrong decision that she doesn't share with me. I am difficult position to rely on her."

Denise's thoughts: It sounds to me like she could use a boost to her confidence level, that is normal for 13 to 14-year-old with all of the changes that happen at that age. You can help her by finding things she is doing right and praising her for her efforts. As far as trusting her, she needs your trust in order to grow her self-confidence. Give her more chances to open up, talk to her about things that aren't 'hot topics' for the two of you and be patient with her.

Asking our community of parents of teens: Do you have advice for this mom? Please share your thoughts, advice and experiences in the comments area.
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