How to Choose the Right Pet Bird

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    • 1). Verify you can have a bird where you live. If you are renting, it may be forbidden in your lease, or you may have to pay an additional security deposit.

    • 2). Write a checklist of attributes you seek in a bird. Consider size, personality and quantity of required care. Some birds require considerable attention, so honestly assess how much time you are able to devote.

    • 3). Find the right space for your bird. Birds require considerable sleep, so earmark a tranquil location where your pet will not get easily disturbed.

    • 4). Decide upon a budget. Pet birds can get expensive, so before making a decision, determine your price range. If you're looking to spend only about $200, there's little point considering a $1,000 macaw.

    • 5). Do your research. Go to your public library and read up on the various types of available birds. Match them to the checklist you created in Step 2. Also, if you are new to bird keeping, you will want to stick with canaries, cockatiels, finches or parakeets because they are the most domesticated. Contact pet stores via the Internet or Yellow Pages. Explain what you are looking for and let them make suggestions.

    • 6). Check the bird in person. Birds are unique animals in this sense: they seem to choose whom they will accept. Thus, there's no point getting a bird that simply is not going to like you.

    • 7). Get a guaranteed contract. Make sure it allows you to return your purchase if things don't work out, or if you discover the bird has medical issues.

    • 8). Visit a bird veterinarian to ensure everything is okay. It usually takes a trained eye to spot when something is amiss.

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