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If you want advice on Facebook, who better to get it from than directors and managers that work in the areas of Facebook that you want to learn more about. Yesterday I had the honor and pleasure to do just that, and I am happy to share what I learned about Facebook security, privacy, groups and Amber Alerts with you. 

1. Amber Alerts on Facebook

Emily Vacher, the Head of Global Safety - Facebook Security, spoke to us about the new Amber Alert system on Facebook that launched January 13, 2015. She is a former FBI agent who dealt with children.

Facebook had noticed that people were posting Amber type alerts on their own on their Facebook timelines and decided it would be helpful to add real Amber Alerts. 

The features of the Facebook Amber Alerts are:
  • You won't get notifications sent to you. You will see the alert as soon as you go to your news feed after the alert is sent out.
  • The alerts will include photographs and other details about the child.
  • You can share the alert with your Facebook friends as well as with friends on other social networks.
  • Amber Alerts only go out to those within a radius that are in the best position to help.

All Amber Alerts on Facebook come from the Amber Alert program run by The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children®.More »

2. Facebook Privacy Settings

Paddy Underwood, Product Manager, took us through Privacy and Privacy controls. Many of us set our controls when we join Facebook, and don't think about them again. That is why Facebook recommends doing the quick 3-step Privacy Checkupon a regular basis.

On the web, click what looks like a little lock on the top blue border of your Facebook account. That will take you to Privacy Shortcuts. The first one with the dinosaur typing on his computer is Privacy Checkup. Click that and you can perform the three easy steps:
  1. Set the default setting for who can see what you post. You can later change the setting on individual posts.
  2. Apps - You can see all the apps that you've logged into using Facebook. You can edit who sees them or delete them if you no longer use them.
  3. Check the settings of your profile.

It used to be difficult to find privacy settings on Facebook. Now, if you need to do anything privacy related or need help, go to that same lock button on the blue bar for privacy shortcuts, but scroll down to the bottom for more settings.

And one more thing, in Privacy Settings, there is a "Who Can Send Me A Friend Request" in the "Who Can Contact Me" section. You can now select "Friends of Friends only" instead of Everyone. Love this feature.More »

3. Facebook Security Settings

Jenn Lesser Henley, Director of Security Operations at Facebook, spent most of her time letting us know how Facebook members can make their accounts as secure as possible.

To get to your security settings, click the little upside down triangle next to the privacy connections lock. Scroll down and click settings. On the left, second from the top, you will see "security" with a yellow shield. Click security.

Here are the Security Settings that can help you the most:
  • Login Approvals - You set it up so that anytime you log in from an unknown browser, you need to put in a security code. Best method.
  • Login Alerts - If you don't want to use Login Approvals, alerts will let you know if somebody logged in to your account on a new device or browser. If it wasn't you, they are already in, but at least you know and can start proceedings. 
  • Trusted Contacts - Add 3 to 5 friends so that if you get locked out of your account, they can help you get back in. This is especially helpful to teens. Friends can validate you without having to know your password. This is also very helpful if someone takes over your profile.

There is also a wonderful new feature that Facebook recently added - The Legacy Contact. You can now choose someone to manage your account after you pass away or to have the account permanently deleted.More »

4. Facebook Groups

For those of you in Facebook groups, In November Facebook came out with a Facebook Group App. If you are in many groups, this is the app for you. 

The Facebook group app has all of your groups in one place, which is what I love. I usually ignore most of the groups I am in. Now, it only takes seconds to check in on all groups.

The free app is available in the app store and on Google Play.More »
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