How to Train & Grow Rich

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    • 1). Know your stuff. In order to become successful and reap the financial rewards, you must have extensive knowledge of the subject you present. You need to be able to answer a variety of questions about the subject and confidently present the information. If you do not come across as an expert, you're training services will not be in demand. You must be able to create marketing materials, brochures and handouts that will inform potential clients about your training services as well as give a preview of your expertise.

    • 2). Stay current on your subject matter. In order to truly be an expert trainer who commands impressive fees, you must stay current on all information relating to your subject. This may require that you attend training workshops yourself and subscribe to publications focused on your industry. For example, if you offer training in getting rich from real estate investments, you must have current knowledge of the real estate market.

    • 3). Market yourself. The best way to increase your income from training is to schedule as many training dates as possible. Create your own website to market your business. Attend mixers and networking events to get the word out. Radio advertising can be costly but is an effective way to reach the masses. Contact your local radio station and inquire about rates. Your time is valuable and you must charge for your services. Your rates will depend on your target audience and the subject matter. In order to get rich from your training services, you must reach a large audience.

    • 4). Create a product to sell. Top trainers build on their training services by offering other products and learning materials. Consider writing a book or creating an audio disc that can be used as a companion to your training sessions. Encourage attendees to buy the materials to get more information. You should make money from the sale of your training products.

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