Problems With Budget Blinds

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    • Budget blinds aren't always the best deal.rainbow blind background image by Stephen Orsillo from

      You can find budget window blinds at just about any home or discount store. Blinds are commonly made of plastic (PVC) material and cost under $20 in September 2010. They usually sell as vertical blinds, though some manufacturers also make budget mini blinds with plastic material. These blinds are an inexpensive way to quickly beautify and provide privacy for a room. However, you may experience some problems when you choose budget blinds over more expensive options like wood or aluminum blinds.

    Control Cord Gets Jammed

    • A problem that sometimes occurs when you use budget blinds in your windows is that the control cord becomes difficult to pull. The control cord is the string that hangs from budget blinds and allows you to move the blinds up and down to expose the window. When you use cheap models, the pull cord is more likely to get jammed or stuck inside of the control rod or wheel. The string also wears out over time and snaps as you're trying to pull the blinds up or down.

    Panels Bend

    • One of the biggest issues associated with budget blinds involves the oftentimes flimsy panels (also called vanes) that make up the blinds. If you bend a budget blind panel even just slightly, you can create dimples and lines in the surface. Because the panel ends can bend easily, they also sometimes break off, which compromises the privacy of the room and also makes the entire window treatment look cheap. You cannot replace a single panel economically; this problem may require replacing the entire set of blinds.

    Difficult to Clean

    • Budget blinds are often hard to clean. Because the panels are soft (not hard like wood or aluminum panels) sometimes it is difficult to clean them without damaging the blinds. You must take special care to wipe each individual vane slowly and carefully to avoid bending the panels.


    • If the window of the room is facing an area that gets a lot of direct sunlight, don't use budget blinds in that window. Over time, the hot rays of the sun can discolor the surface of budget blinds. The sun can also cause the inexpensive plastic material that makes up the blinds to melt and shrink.

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