How to Tie Basic Knots

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    Square Knot

    • 1). Place your two ropes next to each other, lengthwise, with their top ends aligned. Drape the left rope over the right, creating an "X" shape.

    • 2). Bend the left rope's top end, which is now on the upper right corner, behind the right rope and underneath it. Pull that same end back up and over the other rope, giving your two ropes a twisted look.

    • 3). Grasp the left rope's top, which is back on the upper-right side, and pull it over to the other rope's end. Continue grasping that end of the rope, then wrap it over the other rope and then underneath. Pull both rope's ends tightly to complete the knot.


    • 1). Lay out your rope lengthwise. Pull up the bottom end so that it's on the side and at the center of the rope's length.

    • 2). Make one loop in the center of the rope. Pull that bottom end up through this loop, starting from behind the loop and coming out the front. Snake the same end behind the rope's length, just above the two loops now on the rope.

    • 3). Pull that end through the top loop, going into the loop and coming out the front of the bottom loop. Pull on the end again to tighten the knot.

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