Why I Say This Is Fun And Addictive

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I believe in the saying that 'love is blind'. Is it possible to date someone you have never seen? Of course it is. It will not be a wonder to realize that most people are fun of blind dates and prefers them more than live date or face to face dates. Are you a fun of blind dates? Blind dates do work and if well nurtured can lead to greater heights and even to marriage. Someone may be wondering how it works but it depends on how you came to know one another. Mostly it crops up when one calls a wrong number and it starts up slowly bit by bit. You finally exchange names and there it starts up and slowly by slowly grows up and develop to something. It happens to people even after a mistaken call, they still keep in touch. One might be wondering how to tell whether a person is interested in you. If the person often calls you and always likes knowing your where about, then you definitely know that he is interested in you.

If you are fun of blind dates you can do it through e-mails. This is simply by getting e-mail addresses attached on forwarded messages and thus you can get in touch by sending messages. By doing this you can pursue a blind date. The other way of blind dating is by responding to lonely souls profiles. Blind dates really works because of cultural differences, racial and tribe. I believe that people who are from different continents and who are differently brought up from different cultures, beliefs and practices are likely to have a very strong attachment. They are also likely to maintain romantic relationship as compared to people from same region and background. Blind dates are real and they truly works. I have an experience of a friend who got his life partner through a blind date and up to now they are still together happily married.

Communication is the key to successful blind dating. When communication deepens, one becomes addicted and cannot do without keeping in touch. Blind dating is so real and it works just as normal dating do. Those who are fun of blind dates can bear me witness that blind dating is so real and so natural. Blind dates first works through communication because people do not meet physically.

One thing that makes me like blind dating is that the person loves you even before you physically meet. I would devote my life and love the person who loved me even before he saw me. This is because it shows total devotion and commitment from him. Love is blind and what matters is whether the love exists between the two loved ones and not the physical appearance. If you would like to know whether your partner loves you, tease him once by changing your physical appearance and it will surprise you on how he will react. You will discover that most people loves you by what you have and not whom you are. If you are a fun of blind dates, give it a trial and it will surprise you how it works.
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