A Look at the Early Signs of Menopause

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There are a lot of women who go through many signs of menopause way before the process actually begins.
There are others also who just experience these signs just before the menopause begins.
For those that experience the early signs of menopause, sometimes this could be a difficult period as some of the symptoms can be really painful.
The symptoms that come are also varied and could be many.
Let us take a look at some of the early symptoms that most women go through before menopause.
For some of the women they would experience what is known as hot flashes in their back.
Sometimes this may last for like some seconds to about half an hour.
In most of these instances, it has been attributed to the reduction in the oestrogen levels of the women.
They may occur at any time during the day but there are therapies that can be used to treat them.
Moreover, some of the women experience some form of hair growth in the face.
This is also attributed to the reduction of levels of oestrogen in the body.
Because some of the women also go through a period of vaginal dryness before menopause, they also face a loss of sexual interest.
Sexual intercourse becomes very painful for them.
Another of the early signs of menopause is the feeling of tenderness in the breasts while some may go through periods of body pain and headache.
There are also some physical changes, like weight gain in the waist and hair loss which becomes very evident.
There is also the possibility of night sweats and mental stress which normally results from hormonal imbalances in the body.
With all these there are available some medicines and natural remedies to ease the symptoms.
Some of the women also notice that there are increased levels of stress, anxiety and a sudden anger.
A lot of them may feel isolated or deserted as they get more emotional.
Another of the early signs of menopause is the facing of memory loss in some of the women.
Moreover, they tend to lose concentration and focus very easily on any issue at hand.
There are even cases of poor bladder control as they may feel the passage of urine regularly and urgently.
These can also be controlled with some form of medical treatment.
It is crucial to note that some women may face these gradually and others immediately.
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