Migraine Home Remedies!

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Researchers believe that migraine home remedies are very effective because low levels of magnesium are a major cause of migraines, since magnesium is considered to be effective at relaxing the body. Therefore, regular consumption of magnesium supplements may help alleviate migraine pain. Fruits, nuts, and dark green, leafy vegetables are a great natural source of magnesium, so a cocktail of fruit and vegetable juices is very beneficial home remedy for alleviating migraines.

Migraine home remedies are very useful in chronic headache. Migraine headache can be defined as severe pounding or pulsing headache that generally starts in the forehead and moves usually towards one side of the head (left side or right side headache) and around the eyes. Although many anti migraine drugs are used to provide migraine relief but not all of the sufferers find relief in them. Moreover, they come with their potential side effects and only cure the symptoms. Migraine home remedies in the form of herbs, natural migraine cures and certain food habits and lifestyle changes- not only provide migraine relief from symptoms of headache but also from the ultimate causes of migraine. Before moving on to know about migraine home remedies, it is beneficial to know the causes and symptoms of migraine headache so that it can be prevented at the first place.

Most of the traditional treatment for migraine depends on pain killers and sedatives. They are not effective in severe headaches and have side effects too. However, there are a variety of herbal migraine home remedies. Those who suffer from frequent headaches must identify what might be causing their migraines by keeping a diary of foods and reactions. Food allergies and sensitivities to weathers too often trigger an attack.

Feverfew is a plant whose flowers look similar to chamomiles, and indeed, both herbs belong to the chrysanthemum family. But unlike chamomile, feverfew is a shrub with large, cut-out leaves. It is also one of the best migraine relief home remedy . Both feverfew and chamomile help to control spasms. However, chamomile is used most often to treat digestive problems, and feverfew holds a hallowed spot in the annals of folk medicine as a home remedy for headaches -- especially stubborn ones.

One of the best home remedies for migraine is a scalp massage. It's preferable to get someone else to handle the massage duties for you, but if no one is available, this is a great do it yourself project. Sit in a quiet room and slowly use your fingertips to massage your scalp. Make little circles while applying a small amount of pressure. You can do this over the surface of your entire scalp excluding your temples. This will serve to relax you and help to chase the beginnings of the migraine away. It is a best home remedy to solve this tricky problem. Besides it you can take a warm bath which can be very relaxing and soothing too. If you are looking migraine headache home remedy, this is one method worth trying. Women who are trying to ward off a headache should add some lavender scented oil to their bath water. Then just sit back and soak for as long as you like. It's helpful for many people to keep the lights in the room dimmed and just to rely on a candle or two. If you're not a bath person, turn the shower on to a warm setting and hop in. You'll get the same benefits.
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