Is There Any Scope As a Fashion Forecaster?

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Going in for traditional careers as doctors, engineers or teachers has long been passe. We have come a long way since choosing so-called safe professions. In fact, anything conventional is rather sniggered at as boring and uninspiring by today's happening generation. So, what is it that Gen Y are gung ho about? What they want is excitement, adventure and lots of action in their lives. The more, the better. If it is also what you are seeking, then foray into the world of fashion - lucrative, glamorous and exciting career options abound in field. All you need is creativity, style and originality to make a mark. And there is more to it than just being a fashion designer, a stylist or a model. While designers are busy wracking their brains for new ideas to incorporate into their creations, it is fashion forecasters who call the shot at predicting what consumers will want to wear next season or year.

It is they who, on behalf of designers and fashion merchandisers, anticipate the wants and needs of customers. They do this by being aware of the latest developments in the world of fashion, not only here but across the globe, and then predicting how these developments will affect the fashion scene back home. It goes without saying that the scope as a fashion forecaster is vast today, given all the crucial aspect s/he has to keep track of. Be it what colours, fabrics and styles must be presented on the runway at an upcoming fashion show or what the stores should stock for the next season to woo in prospective fashion-conscious clients - all of it is anticipated by none other than a fashion forecaster. In this capacity, s/he is a fashion designer and manufacturers best buddy.
The prediction is all encompassing in that it applies to not one, but all levels of the fashion - from haute couture to ready-to-wear, party wear to regular wear, mass market to street wear and so on. A forecaster has to be involved in a whole lot of research and analysis by-

1. Studying the lifestyle of consumers
2. Keeping an eye on changing market conditions
3. Zooming in on trends and design reports
4. Checking out fashion magazines, newspapers and websites, and
5. By having an eye for every detail.

They also attend fashion shows, watch Fashion TV, listen to the radio and chat with people to find out about their tastes in clothing and lifestyle that could effect changes in trends. This is crucial in order to understand the mentality of consumers and forecasting what might interest them later on in the upcoming season. This study is a must to plan wisely with respect to design, manufacturing and sales. Having documented all the research, the forecaster passes on the valuable information to designers, merchandisers and the other people involved in the fashion business so that they can ready products accordingly.

A Bachelors degree in fashion would find a fashion forecaster in good stead, though one can always pick up the tricks of the trade while on the job. However, a background in fashion is a big advantage as it prepares one for the job. As in any creative field, skills help one go a long way and those with a great aptitude can rise very high up the ladder. Fashion institutes across the country offer a bunch of courses. However, one of the best ones to go for is the course offered by premier fashion institute WLCI with campuses across the country. The programmes combine the best in conceptual knowledge with real world application and focus is on imparting job specific skills, knowledge and attitude to enhance productivity. Students can expect better placements opportunities through the WLCI Career Centre. To know more, check out
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