How to Clean Granite Floors of Grease

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    • 1). Fill a cleaning bucket with 1 gallon warm water and 1/4 cup dish soap.

    • 2). Dip your cleaning mop in the bucket, and squeeze the mop out two to three times until the mop is not dripping any water.

    • 3). Wipe the mop over the granite floor, collecting the grease as you move along. The dish soap is a safe ingredient that quickly breaks apart the grease.

    • 4). Dip the mop back into the bucket when you need an added cleaning boost. This removes much of the grease from the mop while absorbing fresh, soapy water.

    • 5). Rinse out the bucket and fill it again with warm water. Dip the mop in the water and continue mopping the granite floors with only water, removing any leftover soap.

    • 6). Dry the granite with a clean mop.

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