New Prom Themes

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    Current Events Theme

    • Consider what is happening in the world and let that be an inspiration for a prom theme. Current event prom themes can make your prom not only relevant, but different from any prom your school has ever seen. If it's an election year, a political-themed prom with a red, white and blue motif would be sure to get the students talking. If it's an Olympics year, incorporate the Olympics or the host city into your prom theme. Stick with light and happy events; this isn't the right setting for events that are disturbing or controversial.

    Current Causes Theme

    • When a problem in the world becomes the center of focus in the news, often people rally to make a difference. Choose a current problem or cause you want to focus on and let that be the inspiration for your prom. Perhaps your school has recently become more energy-efficient and is focusing efforts on being more eco-friendly. Create further awareness by hosting an "Environmentally Friendly" prom. Be mindful to choose recycled or recyclable decorations and donate part of the proceeds from the prom to an environmental charity. If an earthquake or other natural disaster has affected a country in the world, use that country as a prom theme and donate the profits from the prom to relief efforts. Choose a cause that all students can support; the prom should help bring students together, not stir up arguments. Try to keep your treatment of the theme both positive and respectful.

    Current Movie Themes

    • If a recent movie has been popular in your school, use that movie as an inspiration for a prom theme. If a movie about space aliens invading the planet Earth has been the current "it" movie, choose an outer space theme, complete with green aliens dangling from the ceiling. A popular movie about car racing is a good jumping-off point for a prom that includes images of cars, checkered flags and championship trophies.

    Current Music Theme

    • Consider the number-one song of the year and translate that into a prom theme. Many songs revolve around the topic of love, which is easily interpreted into a dance theme. Use the title of the song as an inspiration or read through the lyrics for theme ideas. If the current number-one song is about a long-distance romance, use maps and road signs as decorations for prom. If a popular song talks about young puppy love, consider a prom with hearts and puppy decorations. Be sure that the song and lyrics you choose will not be offensive or promote anything immoral, illegal or inappropriate.

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