Examples of Family Trees - Are You Looking For Classic Examples of Family Trees?

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You have done your research, and have found your ancestors.
The names are spelled correctly, and you know who was married to whom.
The dates for the births of children have all been unearthed.
What do you do next? You create a graph or diagram of your family tree.
There are many styles and I will list some examples of the types of trees you can build.
There are websites that will sell you a family tree, printed on fine paper with decorative artwork included.
For some people that is satisfactory.
One example I saw online had three spaces in the middle.
Those represented the central person let us say it is you, and on each side was a parent.
The tree then expanded in a pyramid form to each side.
The two parents of each parent were represented in the next row (your grandparents).
Four spots in the next row were reserved for great grandparents.
Each great grandparent had two parents, so that next row was eight, and the next one was sixteen spaces.
That would be a total of sixty three family members on that chart, featuring your direct progenitors.
A great design, if it is all about you.
That is one example of a family tree.
Other forms your tree might take will depend on where you place your ancestors in your chart.
The classic examples of family trees with ancestors on the bottom illustrates well the growth of a tree.
The ancestors are your roots and they go upwards branching out toward the top of the page with the off spring of the selected ancestors.
This is the form that is taken by many historical family trees.
That form can be reversed, with the early family members across the top of the page, flowing down and spreading out with all of the descendants of the featured ancestors.
The left to right tree seems to flow well for many people as it goes in the direction we are accustomed to read.
The ancestors are placed at the far left and then the branches continue to the right.
Of course the opposite format is also possible, with early family members to the right spreading to the left with the descendants.
These are some classic examples of family trees.
Of course there are decorative forms with leaves and fruit and pictures included.
That may be drawn with a trunk and branches and could even include aunts and uncles and cousins.
There are probably many more forms and examples of family trees available with a quick search online.
With your research done, you are now ready to build your tree.
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