How to Level Up Faster in "It Girl"

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    • 1). Click on the "Shopping" menu. Purchase items that adds stats such as "hotness" and "confidence," even if you don't like the outfits. Search the racks by clicking on them. Quests are another way to gain experience. If a quest means you have to spend money on an outfit, buy these items because the quests give you points.

    • 2). Click on a party or a showdown. You need a specific level of hotness to attend the event. Go to the closet and pick clothes that increase hotness and confidence.

    • 3). Attend the party and participate in as many showdowns as possible. The more showdowns you win, the more experience you gain. The star meter in the upper right-hand corner fills as you gain points.

    • 4). Purchase Facebook credits to buy items faster.

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