Health Benefits of Vegetables

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Eating enough vegetables (9-10 a day) can no doubt, be very hard.
How many times have you decided to eat more veggies, then ventured in to the produce section only to think "What do I even do with these things?" As you stare down on to some misshapen root or fungus? While it's true that adding more vegetables in to your diet may take a little recipe research and cookbook purchases, it is well worth it.
A lot of the time, we won't do something we know is good for us, unless we have reasons we can match with our own goals and identify with.
Just to say "eat more vegetables because they are good for you" isn't always motivating enough to get around to it.
Here are the TEN Best Reasons to Eat Vegetables 1.
Creates a mellowing effect on blood sugar levels, which controls the appetite.
Reduces blood pressure, risk of heart disease, stroke and some cancers.
Contains fiber.
This helps with feeling full and digestion.
Dark leafy greens contain calcium and vitamin K for healthy bones.
A low (sometimes almost no) Calorie food.
Eat a lot without gaining weight! 6.
Boosts energy in muscle cells.
This means feelings of vitality and more energy to be more active during the day.
Great for skin and hair.
Reduces water retention that causes bloating.
Reduces the risk of diabetes.
Great for keeping the eyes and immune system in top notch condition.
Try adding vegetables in small stages, like in to your rice dish or substituting a late night snack with carrots and hummus.
Eventually you will wonder how you ever lived without them! Eat Your Veggies!
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