How to Be a Happier Woman

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We women can always be happy if we can only correct our internationally known similar habits.
MONEY Do not rush for sales items and buy them cheap but you would not use.
Save for rainy days.
GOING DUTCH When the bill arrives it is alright to split the bill and round it off.
The few cents should be given to the person who arranged the meeting.
BATHROOMS Have only the items you need.
Some items that have expired do throw away.
Finish a brand before changing to another brand.
The bathroom will be cluttered with too many items and they need to be cleaned.
ARGUMENTS In an argument, women have to admit defeat and forget about it.
WORRIES Women worry about the most trivial things.
Everything can be solved if we put our heart in doing it.
We worry about opinions of others.
Just do what you think works for you.
Do weigh suggestions of others and not follow them blindly.
The best decision always comes from ourselves.
MARRIAGE In a marriage do not try to change a man whose habits are already formed.
Learn to live with them.
DRESSING UP Dress up only for functions or to work.
Lipstick will be sufficient to the supermarket.
Dress smart and be natural.
HOUSEHOLD CHORES Get everyone, husband and children to do the household chores.
This way there will be bonding in the family and everyone is happy.
We like to do our way.
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY Live well today and tomorrow will just come again.
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