No Harmful Chemicals & No Harming Animals - The Beauty of All Natural Skin Care

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As far as caring for your skin and anti aging goes the market standard is to contain known harmful chemicals in their products and to test the products on animals before they hit shelves.
Oddly enough, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) doesn't require companies to test on animals nor do they have the authority to recall products that contain harmful chemicals.
Obviously a majority of the skin care company's main priorities lie in making money, not providing the best skin care possible.
There are harmful chemicals and artificial fragrances known to cause irritation or worse in almost every skin care product ranging from moisturizers to shampoos.
Almost every single one of these products is tested on animals, an outdated and inhumane practice.
Many people are unaware of the animal testing and if they are, they aren't aware of the extent of damage done to these poor animals.
Monkeys and rabbits are subjected to horrible conditions and they have untested moisturizers and soaps put into their eyes as well.
There is a test strictly used to determine lethality by pumping an animal full of a product until it dies.
How can you compare the effects of one harmful substance between a rabbit and a human and determine a viable result? It just doesn't make sense.
Dogs often break their necks and arms trying to fight their way out of their restraints as they are force fed a product in order to determine toxicity.
Even if you don't support testing on animals, if you buy products from a company that openly tests on animals all you're doing is further supplying them with money to continue their horrible and torturous tests.
Harmful chemicals are another huge constant in the world of skin care.
Many companies sell products that contain preservatives known as Parabens (methyl, ethyl, etc).
Parabens are cheap for the company to buy and provide a much longer shelf life to products.
Parabens have been linked to reproductive system damage in males as well as breast cancer in women.
Propylene Glycol is another key ingredient in many skin care products around the world.
It is a known skin irritant resulting severe burns and allergic reactions.
It is also a staple ingredient in anti freeze, brake fluid, and engine degreasers.
These are just some of the harmful chemicals found in virtually every skin care product on the market.
If you feel that animal testing and chemically based products aren't for you than consider looking for an all natural approach to caring for your skin.
The number of companies that have not just your skin but the environment in their best interest is increasing at a staggering rate.
Many skin care companies have turned to incorporating time honored plant extracts and peptide based compounds into their products for the safest and most effective results.
Not only are skin care companies becoming more conscious as to what they put in their moisturizers and the like, but they are also adopting alternative methods of testing products.
Since all natural care products for the skin and body are from nature, and many of them contain world renowned ingredients, it erases the need to test them and if they are tested, they aren't tested on animals.
They are tested on human cell cultures in a Petri dish.
Most organic skin care products contain things like Aloe and Shea Butter, which we all know and some of us even use regularly to hydrate the skin and heal cuts.
I guess the point simply is that chemicals and animal testing is just outright bad.
Don't sacrifice your health in the long term just to look younger.
Also no innocent animal should have to suffer so you can look good.
Look online and see what companies test on animals and what companies use harmful chemicals so you can avoid them all together.
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