How to Copy a Phonebook to an HTC Touch Pro

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    Copy a Phonebook to the Touch Pro

    • 1). Press and hold the power button on the top panel of the HTC Touch Pro for five seconds until the device turns off.

    • 2). Flip the HTC Touch Pro with its LCD facing down and remove the battery door by pushing the door in an upward motion with your thumbs.

    • 3). Remove the battery from your device and insert the SIM card with its gold contacts facing down.

    • 4). Put the battery and battery door back on the device and turn the phone on by pressing the power button on the top for five seconds.

    • 5). Once Windows has started, using the stylus tap "Start" followed by "Programs" and select "Tools".

    • 6). Tap "SIM Manager" and verify the contacts are on the SIM card.

    • 7). Tap "Menu" followed by "Contacts to SIM" and place a check mark next to each contact you want to copy.

    • 8). Tap "Save" and wait for a confirmation dialog box to appear. The message will state how many contacts were copied. Your contacts are now copied to the HTC Touch Pro.

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