Are Appetite Suppressants Enough to Make a Person Lose Weight?

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People obsessing about losing extra pounds must have already encountered so many weight loss food programs that restrict particular kinds of food, limit the number of calories they should consume in a day, or only allow 'natural' sustenance in their diets.
But then again, there are those who want quick fixes, like appetite suppressants that limit food intake of a person in a rather rigid manner, with the user supposedly having no choice but not to eat.
For example, the popular phenylpropanolamine (PPA), an appetite suppressant, acts on a person's hypothalamus, otherwise known as the brain's control center.
PPA disrupts the hypothalamus from giving signals to the rest of body, one of these signals being appetite.
PPA was more popular during its introduction in the 1900s as a nasal decongestant.
While it is still an active ingredient in some over-the-counter drugs for colds and cough, PPA is also a popular appetite suppressant as well.
In this manner, even a vegetarian diet for weight loss will not be necessary, as the person taking the appetite suppressant is not supposed to feel the urge to eat anything, even the nutritious stuff.
There have been a number of studies conducted to determine if people who use PPA as appetite suppressors indeed experience weight loss.
In studies made as early as 1975, there were positive results, which showed that PPA, along with exercise and proper diet may lead a person to lose weight.
The 1975 study displayed that consumption of PPA by 70 volunteers resulted to them losing thrice as much weight than a sample who took placebo instead.
However, there were some added factors that may have contributed to what happened to the volunteers.
It was said that the caloric intake for the participants was restricted and an increase in activity level was also encouraged.
Moreover, only women of middle age were studied.
So, it may appear that best diets to lose weight (or in this case, a suppressed appetite) is not enough, but should be coupled with physical activity.
But then, unofficial studies with regard to PPA also claimed subjects complaining of palpitations, irritability, and being jittery.
On the other hand, medical literature also vouches for more serious side effects of PPA in patients like intra-cerebral hemorrhage and cardiac arrhythmias, among others.
The fact remains that many human beings eat for a lot of reasons, not just to satisfy their appetites.
For example, people eat their favorite chips or popcorn while watching a movie not because they're hungry, but because of a habit.
Thus, by taking appetite suppressants, the person taking it should also exercise a good amount of control.
Moreover, it must be coupled with sufficient exercise, like finding the best cardio for weight loss that would increase the person's heart rate and in turn, metabolic processes.
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