5 Important Foods to Eat For Diabetics

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Treatment of diabetes is conducted not only with medicines, diet has substantial importance is controlling it.
That is why a good diet plan is as indispensable for treatment of diabetes as is drugs and medication.
Importance of food for diabetes control can be fathomed from the fact that normal level diabetes can be controlled with a good combination of food and workout without even using any medicine.
Diet plan for diabetes aims at keeping the body weight at ideal levels and at the same time providing adequate nutrition for keeping one healthy.
Usually such plans are dependent on the height, weight, age, gender, as well as the physical activity levels of the person concerned.
Diet also varies with the variation in the levels of diabetes.
At the same time there are also other considerations like the patient having high blood pressure or the cholesterol levels in the body.
In essence the dietician calculates the calorie intake and consumption that helps him assess the accumulation of fat in the body and find out methods to counter them.
Lavish spending may be bad when it comes to your bank balance but augur well when it comes to burning body fat.
When you decide the foods to eat in diabetes, keep in mind the popular myths.
One of them is that you must avoid sugar.
In reality sweets can be made part of healthy meal plan and combined with workouts.
On the other hand the myths that high protein diets are good and carbohydrates should be minimized are also wrong.
Too much protein, especially the animal protein results in insulin resistance and cutting too much on carbohydrate may adversely affect the health.
A balanced diet containing carbohydrate, fat, and protein is the best solution.
There is nothing called special diabetic meals.
A healthy meal is a healthy meal.
Here are some tips on foods that a diabetic can use.
  • Moderate doses of sweet at intervals.
    When sweets are taken carbohydrate component should be minimized.
    Reduction of rice, cereal, fruit, juice, potatoes, corn etc would be on the cards.
  • Substituting simple carbohydrates like fruits and vegetables for empty carbohydrates like soda, candy, snack, flour, and rice would be advisable.
  • Food containing fiber like beans, nuts, seeds, fruits, whole grains, and vegetables are very good for diabetes as they control blood sugar.
  • A major part of the food should be water and soups that do not contain sweets, or too much salt.
  • Non starchy vegetables like greens, cauliflower, mushroom, carrots, turnips, peppers, and broccoli should form at least one third of the daily intake.
And only getting the 5 best foods won't do.
Eating small at regular intervals and never skipping the breakfast also holds the key in preventing diabetes.
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