Insignia Sport 2GB: A Review of the Sport 2GB Video MP3 Player

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The Insignia Sport 2GB is a video MP3 player by Best Buy that positions itself in the PMP (personal media player) league. It is a budget player that is capable of handling video as well as audio and packs a whole host of features including Bluetooth technology.

Does Best Buy’s all singing, all dancing device delight or disappoint? Find out by reading this full review of the Insignia Sport 2GB Video MP3 player.

  • Excellent features to price ratio.
  • Built-in Bluetooth technology.
  • Micro-SD card slot for extra storage capacity.

  • Video playback only 15 fps.

Insignia Sport 2GB – Before You Buy

System Requirements:

  • Windows 98 or later / Mac OS 8.6 (update required) or later.
  • USB Port.
  • CD-ROM drive.

Style & Design: As the sport name suggests, it is designed to be used on the move (while walking, exercising etc.) and the style is certainly in keeping with that. The Insignia Sport comes in a range of rich colors which are, black, dark cherry red, and blue (review unit). The device is small, relatively slim and weighs only 1.4 oz. The largest design feature on the MP3 player (apart from the screen) is the sporty looking 360ocontrol wheel. This sits on the face of the unit and controls the volume and menu system. This type of user interface has obviously been implemented to make controlling the Insignia Sport more user-friendly on an armband or in a pocket.

Package Contents:
  • Insignia Sport 2GB player.
  • Earbuds.

  • USB 2.0 cable.
  • Quick start guide.
  • CD containing software and user guide (PDF).
  • Warranty card and a free audiobook download card for

The package contents are reasonable but one observation is that the earbuds don’t come with foam covers like the lower priced Insignia Kix 1GB does. Please note - if you wish to use the wireless audio feature then you will need to purchase a set of Bluetooth headphones, like the Insignia NS-BTHDP.

Insignia Sport 2GB – Getting Started

Charging The Battery: The Insignia Sport comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is replaceable. This is a nice feature compared to some MP3 players that use normal batteries which need to be replaced regularly. The included USB cable is used to charge the battery from a USB port on your computer and a typical full charge takes approximately 3 hours to complete. According to the reported battery life figures, you can expect to get up to 25 hours per charge.

Earbuds: These are standard sized and come with a gold-plated 3.5mm plug. The wiring length is generous and is unshielded to act as an aerial for the built-in FM radio. The earbuds are of average build quality and are reasonably comfortable. One thing that is lacking though is the inclusion of foam earbud covers. The Insignia Kix has these included and are useful for comfort and to improve bass response.

The Software CD (PC Only): The main application on the CD is the Rhapsody 4.0 software which enables the purchasing of music via the Best Buy Digital Music Store. The software also enables the ripping / burning of CDs and transferring to the Sport. Installation was easy and the Rhapsody software performed without any glitches. Anyone who requires a good music library manager will find the software on the CD useful. Another software package included on the CD is Arcsoft Media Converter 2. This helps you to convert different audio and video formats to ones that are compatible with the Insignia Sport.

Insignia Sport 2GB – Device Features

Controls: The main control is a 360o rotating wheel on the face of the unit. This can also be used as a 4-way control pad with a play/pause button in the center that is also used for menus. A slider button is located on the edge of the unit to turn the Insignia Sport on and off and also doubles as a lock button to lock all buttons on the unit. A spring-loaded quarter-turn control wheel is used to add your five star ratings to any track and can also be used to bookmark your favorite tracks. All the controls on the Insignia sport have been well thought out, are well positioned and give a positive response.

Menu System: The main menu is icon driven, intuitive and easy to navigate. While playing a music track, the screen displays album art along with text information on album, title, and artist. Other useful information includes, playing time, battery level, playlist number, progress bar and track rating. Exploring deeper into the menu system will reveal music library options, Rhapsody channels, FM radio, video, photo and various other settings.

Screen Display: A backlit 1.7 inch color LCD screen displays text and graphics that are clear, bright and easy on the eyes. Screen brightness levels can be tweaked in the settings menu to fine tune the screen display.

FM Radio: The built-in FM radio is a handy feature that isn’t always included with MP3 players. It has RBDS (Radio Broadcast Data System) and you can save this information. There are 20 presets for you to store up to 20 radio stations and an auto-scan option makes tuning straightforward.

Micro-SD Card Slot: This is an excellent feature that enables you to add extra storage. Using this system will future-proof your device and enable you to store much more than the built-in 2GB.

Bluetooth Technology: Bluetooth turns the Insignia Sport into a wireless device. Using a set of Bluetooth headphones (Insignia NS-BTHDP) gave excellent results - the quality of the sound was much improved when compared to the earbuds. Note - video sound is not available using Bluetooth headphones.

Video & Photo Display: Both photo and video displays are sharp, clear and have good color saturation. However, video frame rate is only 15 fps and shows slight jitter. You can import compatible media files into the Insignia Sport; otherwise you will have to use the included Arcsoft Media Converter 2 software to convert them.

File Formats: The Insignia Sport is a PlaysForeSure device and plays MP3, WMA, WMA Lossless, WMAPro, WMADRM, WAV, Audible, and OGG formats.

Sound Quality: The quality is good using the earbuds but lacks bass. The Bluetooth headphones improves sound quality with respect to bass and high-end frequencies.


Is it Worth Buying?
The Insignia Sport 2GB is an excellent MP3 video player that represents good value for money. If you're into video in a big way and are looking for super-smooth video playback then the 15 fps may slightly disappoint. That said, for most users it will good enough. You get a lot of features for your money and they all work well. If you're looking for an all dancing, all singing budget media player then the Insignia Sport is a good choice.

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Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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