Exercises for Home Rehabilitation

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    Types of Range-of_Motion Exercises

    • According to MERCK's online medical library, there are three types of range-of-motion exercises. The first is active exercise, and it is for those who can move their limbs on their own, without the assistance of a physiotherapist. The second type is called active-assistive exercise, where the individual has some mobility of the limb but experiences pain when moving. These individuals use a trained physiotherapist to assist in their rehabilitation. The third type is for individuals who are not able to move their limb at all and require a physiotherapist to move their limbs for them. This is called passive exercise.

    Active Exercise

    • For people who do not require a trained physiotherapist and are able to self-direct a home rehabilitation program on their own, there are active exercises that relying on moving gently and slowly. Some exercises that might be encouraged are active stretching, which might include using light weights to reintroduce strength. You might be advised to begin with gentle exercises such as straightening and bending the injured limb. Do not do anything at home that hurts the injured area.

    Ambulation Exercises

    • Ambulation exercises are ones that family members can assist with at home by placing an arm underneath the individual's arm while gently holding a forearm. To support your family member at home, you should be taught how to properly assist for walking on a flat surface as well as how to assist with stepping over curbs and eventually up and down stairs.

    Coordination and Balance

    • Coordination and balance exercises can be used to assist a person recovering from a stroke to regain control of her movements by using exercises that are repetitive, such picking something up. This can easily be practiced at home. Balance exercises should first be done under the supervision of a physiotherapist and then practiced as directed at home with family assistance.

    Cardiac Rehabilitation

    • Under the direction of your cardiac team, you might be told to begin a home program of aerobic exercise three to five times per week of 30 minutes per session. This home-based rehabilitation should begin only under the guidance of your team and with a program designed by your team.

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