How to Have the Perfect Pillow Fight

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    • 1). Stake out the pillow fight arena by selecting a location that is pillow friendly. Open spaces and room to swing are a priority. Rule out rooms with ceiling fans because of potential damage.

    • 2). Use the softest feather-filled pillows you can find. A good pillow is lightweight to resist serious injury yet heavy enough to swing with appropriate force. Once the feathers start to fly the pillows will quickly lose their oomph.

    • 3). Remove lamps, vases or anything that could accidentally become part of the carnage. Broken glass brings a quick halt to a pillow fight and can cause injury to the warriors.

    • 4). Set a floor fan on each side of the room to keep the feathers airborne once freed from their fabric bondage. This also helps contain the spread of feathers to the designated area.

    • 5). Place the pillows strategically around the room without making the intention obvious. Each warrior must have a pillow so ensure you have enough to go around.

    • 6). Begin the fight unexpectedly, while spirits are high. Grab the pillow firmly and swing at the target in a long arch. Directing feather pillow blows toward the shoulder is a proven tactic that quickly splits the stitching of the pillow.

    • 7). Conclude the pillow fight in a fit of laughter and keep any thoughts of cleaning up from your mind. Check ears, nose and mouth for feathers before attempting to sleep.

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