How to Become a Scottish Laird

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    • 1). Locate a company or website offering Scottish titles for sale. These include Scottish Highland Titles, Scottish Land Sales and Laird of Blackwood. Pick one with a deal that appeals to you and your budget.

    • 2). Purchase their portfolio or gift box. This includes the purchase of a small plot of land in Scotland. As little as one square foot of land in Scotland is enough for you to claim the title of Scottish Laird. The company should send you a package including everything you need to claim your title, as well as the deed to the property.

    • 3). Indicate when purchasing that you want to receive the title of Laird rather than Lord, if necessary. If the package is a gift, include the recipient's full name and address.

    • 4). Fill out a Master Title Deed to add the title of Scottish Laird to your ID, bank account, utility bills and so on. The Master Title Deed should be included in most gift packages.

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