Promotional USB Pricing Difficult to Find

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It seems very frustrating that prices for Promotional USB is not ready available. This blog will explain the reasons behind the pricing structure and hopefully give you an insight into this market place.

What does Promotional USB Memory Chip mean?
A Promotional USB Memory Chip is an circuit made out of capacitors and transistors. These can store data or can be used to process code either temporarily through random access memory (RAM), or permanently through read only memory (ROM). Promotional USB Memory chips comes in different sizes and shapes, they're an essential components in computer and electronic devices in which memory storage plays a key role.

Blow is a list of the top memory manufacturer for all our USB, smartphones, PC and gaming stations. Recently a fire close Hynix's factory in China - which clients include PC makers Apple Inc and Hewlett-Packard Co - and are still short of memory chips which also has an impact on the market place.

List of top Memory Chip Manufacturers
  • Samsung Electronics Co. of South Korea

  • U.S.-based Micron Technology Inc.

  • South Korea's SK Hynix Inc.

  • Nanya Technology Corp.

Why does price vary?
Memory chips are sold on an open market and the price varies with supply and demand. To complicate matters worse, 99% of chips come from China so a UK supplier must also allow for Currency fluctuations between USD and the UK pound. Most supplies will only provide a price guaranteed for 7 days, if the market is very lively this may even be the same day. In today's world prices are so competitive because of the internet very little profit is made on each promotional USB item. If the exchange rate were change together with the chip prices it ould well mean the supplier could lose money on that particular order.

The demand comes from manufacturers of PC computers, USB's, smartphones and play stations.

So at Concise Media Branding we offer over 36 different types of Promotional USB, which makes the situation of keeping all these products up to date with the latest prices almost impossible. So we've set-up just one product,our most popular USB product called USB Twister that will always have the latest prices. Then all the other Promotional USB Sticks will show a small supplement charge from the Promotional USB twister, that way we only have to keep one product up to date. We hope this solution will keep everyone happy.
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