What Is Spirituality and How Is the Spirit Manifested

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People have searched for a connection to God for most of their existence and yet few find the link or manifest the Spirit within.
There are reasons for that and the biggest one is that they were not born spiritual.
This is clearly laid out in the Old Testament where the Supreme Being is a Spirit and a great creative force.
It has its own children who are called the Children of God or those of the House of Israel who are referred to as the Vineyard of the Spirit (Isaiah).
The title means they have the 'eye of light-power with God'.
The 'eye of light' has another name as well.
It was expressed as 'i-v' where [v] stands for 'life', 'living' and 'spiritual'.
Light is, therefore, related to life, that is the inner life of the spirit.
With full memory of my reincarnation and through the visions and teachings given to me by the Spirit the story of how this first came about was made known.
In a vision a line stretched out before me and where I stood a light appeared that was brighter than the sun.
It rose up and arched over what represented the Day of the Lord.
It reached to the beginning of the line where the word EVE appeared.
In the middle was the word NOON and where I stood it was EVENING.
Along the line there were crowds of people and in the middle it was in almost complete darkness.
At that spot there was a figure on a cross standing above the crowds that was reaching up towards him.
The vision was explained when the bible opened at Zechariah 14:6-9.
It explains that the Spirit of God was given to people in the morning and again at the evening but the day was dark and not light.
It explains too how the Lord was made king over all the day.
The Lord is the false image that appeared in the vision at noon.
It is further explained in Isaiah 59:10 where it states that the children of the Spirit groped for the wall like the blind and as if they had no eyes to see.
They are described as stumbling at noonday as in the night and being in desolate as the dead.
That feeling is known well to me who has had to endure places where religion is being practiced and the spirituality within dies.
It happens also when in the presence of make-believe and lies.
The vision told me that in the beginning of the Day of the Lord the Spirit poured out life into a group of people who then went after false gods.
Before that God fed them with prophecies and information that made their way into the bible and have remained for the present group of the spiritual to learn from.
As noon approached the day turned dark and when the false prophet was presented it caused them to lose their spiritual links.
Now it is nearing the end of the day and the work of the Man of Perdition is over.
The Spirit has made known his identity and how he invented Jesus Christ and used it to imprison the Children of Israel in his false religion born of it.
He established the Catholic Church in 325 AC (after Caesar) and forced everyone to worship the image or be killed (Revelation 13:13-18).
His number is 666 and his name is Emperor Claudius Constantine.
He built the Vatican and several churches and following him Jerome compiled and partly wrote the New Testament.
The visions explained how it happened and why and my commissions include tearing down the wall of that prison and freeing the spiritual.
The tools have been given to me to do it and the work is being carried out.
For those with links to the Spirit the way to manifest the power is to come away from worldly things.
Stop going after money, wealth, make-believe and the ridiculous and turn to the little voice within that is calling you.
Seek the truth and ask the Spirit to fill you.
It will happen if you belong to the Children of God.
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