The Best Natural Skincare - Science Fiction Or Common Sense?

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Today more than ever it seems we rely on science for everything.
So the idea people look for a scientific system for achieving the best natural skincare doesn't surprise me given our technology today.
The fact is when people think of "science" we think that the natural component is being tampered with and therefor no longer natural.
This would be a disservice because the simple truth is science can absolutely compliment nature.
For instance if you take herbal or nutritional supplements, you're not actually eating the plant.
You are, in effect, taking an extract of the plant, which more often than not is a higher potency of the original herb.
Even though the plant is natural the extract happens to be a by product of science.
Now there are some key natural ingredients in skin care that are incredibly beneficial for you such as Phytessence wakame.
This is an extract from a special kind of sea kelp found only in Japan.
Phytessence wakame has been clinically proven to be an extremely effective antioxidant that helps to counter the damage of free radicals to the skin, this is a key reason for the aging of our skin.
Besides fighting free radicals and being an effective antioxidant Phytessence wakame also blocks the destructive activity of an enzyme called hyaluronidase.
Now you might be asking what is hyaluronidase, and that's a great question because your body produces something called hyaluronic acid.
This acid works with the two proteins, collagen and elastin, to maintain you skin's beauty and youthfulness.
When Phytessence wakame blocks the hyaluronidase from breaking down the hyaluronic acid your level start to build up to the levels of a young person again.
Your only given one body and we need to take as good of care with our skin as we do our heart and lungs.
Since the skin is the largest organ of the body, anything we put on our skin ultimately finds it's way into our bodies.
So the best natural skincare systems in the world are the ones that compliment science by providing the assistance to our own body to help fight the aging of our skin.
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