Discover Why Green Lipped Mussel Australia is a Leading Harvester

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The green lipped mussel is indigenous to the oceans of New Zealand. Australia, being very near New Zealand is a leading harvester. This is the reason many product labels will indicate green lipped mussel Australia as the harvester of the seafood. The closer to the oceans where the seafood is found, the more the integrity of the product will be kept intact.

Proper Processing

The benefits of properly processed green lipped mussel Australia harvested and packaged powder capsules are impressive. The truth is the benefits of any brand that offers this fish supplement either in oil or powder form is not as great as it would be if they were eaten raw and fresh every day from the ocean. Eating these raw is pretty hard to get down but if they are cooked or marinated they are really delicious. Unfortunately, cooking, marinating and freezing will rob them of the majority of their nutritional value. It would be necessary to live right on the oceans of New Zealand or live in Australia to have access to these fresh fish every day.

This is why using a supplement that has been properly processed is so important. The powder produced will still maintain all the benefits of the shellfish without having to eat them raw right from the ocean. Some producers will only use seconds, meaning the fish that have not been sold for immediate consumption. The best producers will use only fish that have been harvested during the time of the year where the nutrients of the seafood is at its utmost highest.

Processing Time

The processing time is a huge dynamic in producing the highest quality powder. As soon as the seafood is harvested it begins to lose nutritional value. Some producers can take literally days to process the tissue into powder. The best company is able to take the seafood live from harvesting straight through to the powder stage in as little as one half hour. This process does not include freezing or cooking so the powder produced is as close to eating the fish raw as humanly possible. Obviously using a manufacturer who does this is the best choice for product.

Powder vs Oil

Choosing a powder over oil is important because the extracting of oils means the end product will only have three benefits. Processing from the green lipped mussel Australia into powder form means the benefits are multiple with all that are found from eating the fish raw and directly from the ocean each day.

Capsules containing powder do have both the smell of the sea and the flavor of the shellfish. Green lipped mussels are part of the shellfish family. Both oil and powder contain the shellfish so unfortunately anyone who is allergic to shellfish will not be able to use either form of the product.

The benefits of using green lipped mussel Australia harvested powder product are both corrective and preventative. This makes the supplement a great choice for the entire family. Also, it is considered a super food by many authorities because it does provide the daily requirement of omega 3 fatty acids, essential amino acids and antioxidants.
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