Learn How To Go Overseas to Play Basketball-Make Connections

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The opportunity to go play basketball internationally is the dream of a lot more players than the NBA is. The international market has so many different levels of competition anyone who has played college basketball is talented to play in some league and contribute to his team. Because the planet is actually larger than you may think players do not understand how to go about getting and overseas contract.

This is why I have created this article series. Be sure to check out every article as they are all of equal importance. Here is the first step you need to take immediately. By the end of this series I am sure you will be able to give yourself a chance of signing a contract one day. This article is about promoting yourself through people that you already know and to basically ask them for a favor.

Make connections. Many teams in Europe actually do not recruit. These are the very low level teams. All of the Americans that they get on their team they get through referrals. So, say your old teammate is playing on a team and the next season he moves up to a better division. The team might just ask him to recommend someone. The team will then contact that person and look at his resume and usually sign him. It works the same with college coaches referring their players to overseas teams every year. So always make sure you stay in contact with friends who are involved in that side of the basketball world. This is very important. Talk to your coach after you finish your college career. Some coaches might be able to help you.

When people ask you, "What are you going to do after college?" Reply with, "Hopefully I am going to play overseas." Tell everyone that this is what you want to do. You never know they might be able to help you and it only takes one person. You also want to try and make as many connections with people who are also striving for the same goal. Stay close to them. If they all of a sudden get picked up it is great for you. I have heard of teams half way through the season realizing they need a PG or a C. They might ask that person if they know of anyone. If you played well when you played with or against them they could recommend you. It's that simple for some people.

A great way to make connections is to play in front of many different people. If you live in an area where there is good open gym run, GO! While you are there talk about how you want to go overseas. Someone might know someone who can hook you up. Take people's numbers down and everything if they say they have a friend who knows someone or whatever. You would be surprised how many people get signed through simple connections like this.

This concludes Part 1, Make Connections, of How to Go Overseas. Please check out Part 2, Create a Player Resume.
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