Nike Golf Releases Second-Generation Sasquatch Drivers

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Dec. 5, 2007 - A quick-hit roundup of new golf equipment arriving in stores now, or soon coming:
New Sumo Drivers from Nike
The second generation of Nike Sumo drivers are ready, and they go by the names Nike SQ Sumo2 5900 and Nike SQ Sumo 5000. The numbers refer to the clubs' MOI ratings, with 5900 being the USGA-maximum-allowed rating for moment of inertia.

The Sumo2 (or Sumo Squared) 5900 has that maximum MOI, which is achieved through the club's square geometry and Nike Golf's "Powerbow" weighting that repositions discretionary weight to the corners of the clubhead.

The Sumo2 5900 has a deeper face, a convex crown and a redefined body shape, compared to the original Sumo Squared. With its MOI at the max, it provides additional forgiveness compared to the original.

The Nike SQ Sumo 5000 is the one that's not square. It's a more traditionally shaped driver, with a deep profile, and provides golfers more of the ability to shape shots.

Both models have the Sasquatch/Diamana shaft as stock, and each is available in lofts of 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 11.5, 13 and 16 degrees. The SQ Sumo 5000 is also available in an offset 13-degree model.

The drivers become available at retail on Feb. 2, 2008. The SQ Sumo2 5900 will have an MSRP of $499.99; and the SQ Sumo 5000, an MSRP of $360.

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Adams Insight XTD Drivers
Adams Golf was after one thing in its new XTD Drivers: distance, distance and more distance. Did we mention distance? The company wanted to create a squarish, high-MOI driver that added forgiveness, the target of the new-geometry drivers, but without sacrificing distance.

Has the company succeeded? That will be for each golfer who tries one to decide, but there is this: The Adams XTD drivers will be, beginning in 2008, the official drivers of the Long Drivers of America.

Adams increased the size of the hitting zone on the XTD Drivers clubfaces and used its Boxer Technology (also used in Adams hybrids) to square up the clubhead. Two models, one with a draw bias and one without (neutral), were created:
  • Insight XTD a3OS: This is the draw bias model. The center of gravity is positioned farther back and toward the heel of the club to help close the face at impact. It is targeted at slower swing speeds. Available in 9.5, 10.5, 12.5 and HL lofts.
  • Insight XTD a3: This one has a neutral setup, so no bias (draw or otherwise). It is geared to medium- and high-swing speed golfers. It produces a lower spin rate than the a3OS. Available in lofts of 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 11.5 degrees.
Both models come standard with the Aldila DVS 55-gram graphite shaft designed for extra kick at impact. They begin shipping on Feb. 1, 2008, with MSRPs of $349.99 each.
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PowerBilt Citation Tour Wedges
The new, 2008 models of PowerBilt's Citation Tour Wedges feature a brass/copper alloy face insert that gives them a distinctive appearance and, the company says, distinctive performance.

The proprietary alloy is extruded through the face and through the back of the club head, a process that PowerBilt says results in a very soft yet stable hitting area. The company says these wedges offer higher spin rates than previous versions, with softer feel.

The wedges are chrome/nickel plated, constructed from 303 carbon steel, and have a traditional teardrop shape. They are available in lofts of 50, 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60 degrees, in right-handed only. Shafts are True Temper Dynamic Gold and grips are Winn G8 AVS. The MSRP is $99.99 per wedge.

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Tag Heuer 27° Air Sunglasses
The newest pair of sunglasses for golfers from Tag Heuer Eyewear carries the name 27° Air, so-called because of the angle at which the arms fold along their titanium hinges. The 27° Air sunglasses have a single-frame design and 18 interchangeable shields, and are designed without a bottom rim. Lenses come in three shapes and six varieties. The Polarized Brown Precision shield enhances contrast and reduces glare, while the Photochromic Prime shield varies its light-blocking based on ambient light (lightening or darkening depending on surrounding light conditions). Other lenses go by the names of Grey Outdoor, Blue Polarized Watersport, Brown Polarized High Mountain and Plum Prime.

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Adidas Cold-Weather Gear
Adidas Golf, a division of the TaylorMade-adidas Company, is offering a new series of outerwear, headgear and footwear designed to keep golfers warm - and dry - during the winter months.

The products are divided into adidas' Tour Performance and Elements line, and the collection includes both men's and women's products.

In the Tour Performance line is the men's ClimaWarm Long Sleeve Interlock Polo and the women's ClimaLite Engineered Hoodie. Available in three colors, the Interlock Polo is made of 95-percent polyester and 5-percent CoolMax Extreme, a technology designed to move moisture away from the body and enhance fabric drying rate. The three-panel-constructed Hoodie also has kangaroo pockets for hand-warming.

The pieces in the Elements line include the Mudskipper golf shoe, sort of a half-boot and waterproof. Also included in the line are a men's compression thermal mock, a ClimaProof half zip rain/wind pullover, a women's ClimaLite compression thermal mock, and a women's ClimaProof provisional rain jacket, among others. Price range from $25 for a women's beanie to $175 for a men's storm jacket.

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