Improving Online Conversion - 3 Assurances Needed for Improving Online Sales

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Did you know that the average website has a conversion rate of less
that 2%?
According to the fireclick index, 98% of your visitors leave without
It's not that there's something wrong with your site. It's just
that todays online shopper is smarter, and increasingly cautious. They
that a website without credentials, support, and security can put them
at risk.

And you can't blame them. Internet fraud is on a tremendous increase,
and now
legitimate online business are paying for it.

As a website owner, trust is one of greatest assets you could possibly

You see, If your customers trust you they will buy from you, and the
trust and credibility your website has, the more sales you will make.


A recent survey has shown your visitors have 3 major concerns...

          1. Is my
personal information safe and secure?
(88% of Internet users surveyed, viewed this as "Very Important")

          2. Can I Trust
the site and the information on it?
(81% of Internet users surveyed, viewed this as "Very Important")

          3. Does the site
have a good Privacy Policy?
(76% of Internet users surveyed, viewed this as "Very Important")

So how do you provide your visitors with the assurance of SECURITY,

Well, 95% of those surveyed said they want access to a websites:
Email address, street address, and phone number.

This will help them relax about buying from you, but you could also try

          1. Association
marks, qualifications and certifications

          2. Awards

          3. Case studies
and testimonials (these should always include the full
name, general residence location, or business of participants)

          4. Avoid
exaggeration and hype

          5. displaying
reprints PR articles and media comments

          6. And Photos of
your premises

However, the most effective, fastest and easiest way to gain your
visitors trust is
by adding 3rd Party Website Verification Seals to your site. Trust
seals are the
ultimate for increasing the credibility and persuasive power of your

Other strategies can be reassuring, but unlike website verification
seals, they
cannot absolutely guarantee results.

When you display trust seals, your visitors know instantly, without
to research your site first that you are safe to buy from.

While 3rd Party verification seals have proven to outperform any other
improving strategy, not just any website verification service will do.

A trusted
and recognized site seal will improve your online conversion far more
than a little-known
verification service.

HackerSafe, Better Business Bureau, ControlScan, Verisin, Truste, and
TrustGuard are
all of the most recognized and trusted website verification services.

The trust seal service you choose however, can greatly differ your
results. Some can
improve your online sales far more than others can.

To compare website verification services and to reveal which one can
guarantee to improve your online sales so effectively, professionally,
and confidently, that they would offer double your money back! -
See Service Comparison Page [].
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