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Colon cancer is a very malignant disease, claiming the lives of many people throughout the world. Those who live on junk food, food that is rich in cholesterol and fats mostly suffer from colon cancer.

Food that is unhealthy for the system contains toxic substances in the form of viruses, bacteria, parasites and other microorganisms. They stay piled up in the colon layer. They not only cause hindrances to the functions that are taking place in and around the colon layer, but they also sometimes spread to the other parts of the body.

These foreign microorganisms interfere with the body functions of the other parts as well. The immediate result that is evident is constipation. If you have constipation, that means you have clearance problems. Due to this, the toxins are not eliminated from the body. They stay piled up inside our body. Sometimes, they even get re adsorbed by our system. This is very harmful for the body.

Another disturbance that you will face as a result of this is disturbed bowel movement. A healthy person must pass 1 bowel in a day. If this is disrupted, it might cause severe health problems.


You must stay away from the following foods. They are refined sugar, flower, alcohol, cigarettes, all sorts of junk food etc. other things like hormone pills, antibiotics also cause us problems.


Detoxification is the process by which colon layer is cleared off. The process of rempving impurities from the colon layer is called detoxification. Although cleaning the colon layer is a tough job, you can achieve this by the following process.

• Begin fasting for some days. Live on water, fresh fruits, and vegetables.
• Probiotics re healthy food. They will help you to cleanse colon naturally.
• psyllium husk and seeds or flax seed help in clearance.
• Bentonite clay
• You can consume salt water enema

Power colon cleansers is colon detox diet combined with detox supplements which help in clearing the colon layer off the impurities. The detox supplements come in the form of extreme colon cleansers like cenalex, and slim 180. They are very effective in clearing off the colon layer.

Acai berry colon cleanser was introduced by Dr Oz on the talk show of Opera Winfrey. This is another effective supplement which helps in weight loss. Acai berry has also been named "super food".

It is mainly a very powerful anti oxidant which helps in the removal of the impurities from the colon layer. The supplement has other functions also. Along with cleansing, the body is fed with many nutrients that improve its functions. The benefits of acai berry are:

• An immediate reduction in weight
• Energy levels go up
• Other health problems are also taken care of. The functions of the body become smooth and trouble free if you go for a pure colon cleanse.
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