Three Things to Consider to Landscape Your Garden

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The art of landscape is not a small task; you have to put a lot of time and energy on it.
Let's discuss a few tips to help you save money and time before you decide to contract a professional for the job.
  1. First thing to consider is the final result you want to achieve.
    You need to take some time and think about the design you desire.
    Only you are the responsible for the style and the functionality of your landscape.
    Would you like to have an entertainment space? Do you like to have barbecues? If you have children, are you going to leave some space for a playground or a swimming pool? Also it's important if you know beforehand what type of plants you will have there.
    A good starting point is to concentrate on the area where you will be spending most of your time.
  2. Stop right there! Don't hire a pro just yet.
    Think about it carefully before doing it.
    It's expensive to hire an independent designer these days and you can always find on the internet free plans or advise at specialized forums.
    But if you have a complicated terrain, hiring a professional to give you good advice can save you a lot of money and time.
  3. When thinking about the design of your landscape, you must consider the actual design of your home.
    Don't think on putting some formal gardens around your house if the design is a rural cottage.
    Your lifestyle is also an important consideration.
    Are you willing to put time and effort on taking care of the plants and herbs you put on your yard? If you do, there's no problem and you can plant them, but if you have other hobbies to spend your time with, then think on a design that won't need to much caring.
You can also read here about the several landscape styles to choose from when designing your garden:
  • Formal Style.
    This design is all about perfect geometrical shapes and straight lines.
    In this case you will arrange the plants in order.
  • Informal Style.
    This style is best suited when you are thinking on planting cozy cottages.
    You can use curved edge beds and place your plants randomly instead of a formal arrangement.
  • English Garden.
    Harmony between the garden and the architecture of the house is what this style is all about.
  • Oriental Garden.
    This is the best design for small landscapes.
    A combination of water, rocks and evergreens is used and when using different types of plants you can create interesting angles.
  • Woodland.
    It's a design recommended for a home with a wooded backyard and an inclined ground.
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