Everything About Irish Dance Shoes In Brief

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Typically every region has a traditional dance form to keep alive their tradition and history of the world. Irish dance is the ancient tradition dance form of Ireland and its much popular as like the other dance forms.

Irish dance shoes are the most important part of the Irish dance style as most of the dance steps are totally based on the foot movement. Lets know more about Irish dance shoes in brief.

History Of Irish Dance Shoes

Earlier in 18th century Irish dancers didnt pay that much attention about wearing the suitable dance shoes that can perfectly perform the dance style. But as the time passed in the 19th century the Irish dancers were very much inspired Gaelic Culture and then the Irish dancers were asked to wear the proper dance shoes.

Earlier they used to prefer being barefoot while dancing but later on they have adapted to wear the shoes of hard sole and soft sole for the proper dance styles.

Hard & Soft Irish Dancing Shoes

Usually Hard Irish dancing shoes are worn dances like the treble jig, treble reel, and hornpipe are performed.Simple leather is used to make this type of shoes, but the toe portions have been built up. This allows Irish dancers to be able to get a sound with their shoe while dancing.

Whereas the Soft Irish dancing shoes which are also called Ghillies, are specially made for the dancers who used to perform slip dances and reels.Basically, these are made out of leather, but it is not hard leather. Instead, the shoes have a lot of give which allows for a dancer to point their toes right to the floor.

Popularity Of Irish Dance Shoes

Irish dance style is not only popular in Ireland but also in America. Irish Dance shoes are very much popular among the Americans as American dancers used to wear Irish Dance Shoes on the dance floor. American Irish dancers most popularly wear the both hard as well as soft shoes for the different dance performance.

Irish Dance Shoes are also popular in the Atlantic Canada Region. Many people of that region order the Irish dance shoes from online.

Many online shopping sites offer you to buy the shoes from the internet and you can get the Irish dance shoes direct to your home just by ordering them.

As the popularity of the Irish dance form is growing day by day, this will also affect the Irish dance shoe's popularity in the positive manner in the rest of the Ireland also.

Importance Of Irish Dance Shoes

According to the history and region of the Irish, on the traditional performance of the Irish dance the regular ballroom shoes wont affect the result but the special Irish dance shoes are needed.

Irish dance shoes differ from any other category of the dancing shoes so whenever it comes to purchase the special Irish dance shoes always check out the unique material which has been conducted for years.

That was all you should know about the Irish dance shoes along with the history of the importance that acquire the Irish dance community.
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