Zeal to Achieve

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As quotes a great poetess Veena Khanna in Hindi; "Jab sadhan, saathi, saaya, chutae,

                                                                                         Aur utthae prashna astitva par,

                                                                                         Vojhal lakshay na hone paaye,

                                                                                         Chahe dhundla jaaye har dagar,

                                                                                         Jab behati ho pratikool hawayein,

                                                                                         Jeevan, pathik, kuch aise jeena,

                                                                                         Ug aathi jyaon nanhi tahni,

                                                                                         Cheer kar paathar ka seena!!

It was 2006 May 27th, when CBSC class Tenth results were announced. Anarghya had scored 87.6% but he wasn't alive to taste the flavour of his success. Anarghya, a student of Ved Vyasa DAV Public School, West Delhi was diagnosed with acute Leukemia, while he was still in class Ninth. When diagnosed with Cancer, he was a bit disheartened, but then he was determined to fulfill his dream & passion. The pain & trouble of undergoing blood transfusion & Chemotherapy was like a thousand spears cutting him from within.

But there was a strong passion in him, which made his ailing body fight against the pain. Studying day in & day out, though blood oozing profusely, he managed to craft in a spectacular performance in the CBSC exam that got him 87.6%. He had lost his battle against Blood Cancer, just a week before his results were announced, but he had achieved his dream.

Anarghya means "VALUABLE". He knew that he had very little time left with him. And that time was ‘Anarghya' just like his name, as he knew death could anytime knock at his doors. But still, his own death did not deter him from labouring in his efforts & reaping a rich harvest of 87.6%. Overlooking the possibility that he may not be alive to feel his success, he performed to achieve what he was determined to achieve.

Friends, we like Anarghya, do not put in honest efforts but expect rich benefits. Why? Because, we lack the zeal to reach for the stars. It's in us, to break a stone to pieces. It's only that we need to imbibe in us ‘Determination' to climb the throne of achievement.
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